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today's recipe: winter vegetable soup

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This quick and easy one-pot soup is perfect after a busy day. Prep Time: 15 minutes Total Time: 30 minutes Click here for the recipe!…

chili recipes

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?In some ways, chili is the ultimate cold-weather fare: It is steaming hot and satisfying, with a mouthwatering balance of spicy and sweet flavors. A good chili can …

quick Asian-style soup

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One cold winter evening, when I got home late, I pulled together a quick Asian broth to pair with some sole I had grabbed at the fish store. …

Mexican Hot Chocolate

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Mexican hot chocolate is one of my absolute favorite things to make in the winter. Growing up in Texas, it was a mainstay on “cold” weekend mornings…

Behind the Scenes: Winter soups

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We work about 6 months ahead of schedule here at Everyday Food. That means that in the heat of summer I was drumming up ideas for warming winter …

Winter Food Market

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Yesterday, I braved the snow drifts left by the storm and volunteered at the New Amsterdam Market. It's an amazing food market that's packed with small-scale food producers, …