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WTF: What's That Food? (Updated)

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This mystery food starts making its appearance at farmers' markets in early spring. You can steam, saute, or even pickle this versatile bright green "vegetable." Any guesses…

WTF: What's That Food? (Updated!)

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This week's WTF is an unsightly selection that we spotted at our local specialty store. These citrus fruits (hint!) are large, slightly teardrop-shaped, and look green and wrinkled …

WTF: What's That Food? (updated)

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You might not have had today’s exact WTF ingredient, but you’ve most likely had something very similar (perhaps in a salad). These crunchy morsels have a surprise red …

edf asks : wtf? (what's that food?)

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I am not sure if this is going to be a tricky one or not…. Everyone has eaten this at some point. It is an ingredient used in …