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Weighty Topics: Lighter Halloween Treats

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Candy may be king when it comes to Halloween, but it also packs a king-size share of fat and calories. If you're trying to avoid that belated Halloween …

Weighty Topics: Lighter Comfort Food

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As the temperatures start to drop, vinaigrette-drizzled salads and gazpacho just don't cut it. And once the comfort food cravings begin, it's like trying to turn an 18 …

Weighty Topics: Kitchen Sink Smoothie

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So, I'm trying not to eat any gluten unless I have to for work. The other day, I walked into the kitchen after a particularly windy bike commute. …

weighty topics: microplanes are great for portion control

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One of the things that can be a drag about dieting is portion control. Enter the Microplane. ¬†As you can see above, I have a 1-ounce chunk of …

weighty topics: my new under-300 calorie breakfast

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We are in the middle of shooting our December issue, and everything looks beautiful and delicious. The food team sees every holiday twice each year, first when creating …