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Sun Dressing: Make Your Summer Salad Sing

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It's no secret: Here at EDF¬†we're salad fanatics — seriously, we eat 'em almost everyday! But as much as we love a bowl brimming with greens and other …

Today's Recipe: Chicken and Roasted Vegetable Salad

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It's hard to find a more satisfying one-pan meal than this warm and satisfying dinner salad! The bonus? It cooks in about half an hour. The secret is …

kitchen cam: making a fast, foolproof vinaigrette

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With so many store-bought salad dressings available, it might not seem necessary to make it yourself, but once you see how easy and inexpensive a DIY dressing is, …

big batch vinaigrette

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Making a big batch of your favorite vinaigrette is a great way to save time (and money!) and might even encourage more salad-eating at your house. My mom …