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Today's Recipe: Moroccan Meatball Soup with Sweet Potato

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Warm, brothy soup + flavorful meatballs = Dream winter meal, right? Well, this dish has another thing going for it: It's healthy… 2013, here we come! Don't be …

Healthy Start: Spiced Sweet Potato Muffins

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  Now that Thanksgiving is officially over, we're looking ahead at the loooooooong winter months we have coming up. Yes, it's cold. No, there won't be any decent-tasting …

Today's Recipe: Kale Salad with Chicken and Sweet Potato

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Silly grown-ups, breaded chicken tenders aren't just for kids. Tossed together with healthy kale and vitamin-packed sweet potato, these frozen favorites make fast work of creating a sophisticated …

today's recipe: Skirt Steak with Sweet Potato Wedges and Parsley Salad

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The simple parsley salad is a great way to use up fresh herbs. You can make an equally delicious version with arugula or baby spinach. Prep Time: 15 …