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My Kitchen Pantry: Anita Lo Loves Bread; Occasionally Hits the Pepto

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Welcome to My Kitchen Pantry, where we glimpse inside the kitchens of some of our favorite chefs and serious home cooks to try and uncover their can't-live-without everyday foods. …

Sriracha Becomes a Movie Star, Plus More Food Headlines to Chew On

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We swear we didn't lick the shells of these Tangy Cilantro Chicken Tacos. Need a little midday nosh? Try this for an afternoon snack: Here are the food …

Sriracha Recipes: 20 Fun Ideas for Our Favorite Chili Sauce

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The not-so-secret ingredient in today's addictive spicy-sweet-salty wings recipe is Sriracha sauce. The blend of red chiles, garlic, sugar, salt, and vinegar is named after the seaside town of …

Reader sriracha ideas

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I first had sriracha sauce when I was a restaurant line cook, going on 10 years ago. In the kitchen where I worked, it was obsessively guarded, but …

homemade cold remedy

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A few months ago, when I felt the early symptoms of a cold coming on, a coworker made me her cold remedy concoction—slices of ginger, squeeze of lemon …