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Get Your Grain On

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All this gluten-free talk yesterday got us thinking about grains. If you're looking for way to reinvigorate dinner, look past the pasta. There are a number of grains …

How to Cook Perfect Quinoa

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We all know what quinoa is by now, and hopefully we're all on the same page about how to pronounce it (that's "KEEN-wah" by the way), but the …

Healthy Start: Quinoa Crunch

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Quinoa isn't just for dinner anymore: In this week's Healthy Start we bake the super seed with a few other wholesome ingredients to make a granola-like crunchy topping …

Healthy Start: Quinoa Cakes

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These pancakes are the Clark Kent of the breakfast world: Though they may look average, they have a super(food) twist. They're made with cooked quinoa, a grain-like seed …