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Beyond the Farmers' Market: Finding Local Produce

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We're always advising you to buy your produce in season, it's the easiest way to ensure that you get the highest-quality fruit and vegetables that are as tasty …

in season: pea shoots

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There's (finally!) some pretty produce popping up at the Farmers' Markets in NYC. Pea shoots scream spring: they're the thin tendrils that extend from the tip of the …

UPDATE: edf asks: wtf (what's that food)?

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UPDATE: You are correct…these are purple tomatillos. If you can find tomatillos in your local grocery store they are most often green and range in size from a …

edf asks: wtf (what's that food)? UPDATE!!!!

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UPDATE: Sorry for the delay! I promise it won't happen again….but it's nice to see that you guys get excited to find out what our mystery food is …

edf asks: wtf (what's that food)? UPDATE!!!!!!

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UPDATE: Sorry for the delay! It is in fact a SPINY CHAYOTE SQUASH (or Mirliton if you hail from the south). This guy is no joke. I have …

What's at the Market: Early October

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The changing of the seasons brings a mixed bag of produce, so to speak. There are still late summer finds like plums resting next to the first batch …