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Too Much of a Good Thing: Chile Peppers

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My garden is packed with hot chile peppers, as well as sweeter Italian peppers. I can't make enough salsa to use up the jalapeños, so I looked for …

today's recipe: toasted turkey sandwich with quick cucumber pickles

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Reinvent the traditional turkey sandwich with this toasty, dinner-worthy option! Quick pickles, tapenade (or pesto), and melted cheese punch up the flavor making this a crowd-pleasing supper. Click …

EDF loves: spicy pickles

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What's better than a pickle, you ask? A spicy pickle, of course! These crunchy pickles appeared at my neighborhood deli last week, and I couldn't resist trying them. …

the relish tray

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In New York City, I get a lot of quizzical stares when I use the term "relish tray." When I first moved here, I had no idea that …

NYC International Pickle Day

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The New York City Pickle fest was this past Sunday. We went, we ate, we wanted beers after. Here are some highlights: I'll be pickling some veg in …

EDF Loves: Okra Pickles

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My heart goes pitter patter for—you guessed it—okra pickles! I was so excited to see these on the grocery store shelf all the way up here in New …