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kitchen cam: how to stir natural peanut butter

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We love natural peanut butter for its simple ingredient list (peanuts, sometimes salt) and its great taste (peanuts!). But what we don't love is dealing with the oil …

today's recipe: Peanut Butter-Stuffed French Toast

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Kids can get in on this fun take on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Make it for Dad this weekend or serve it up for brunch. It's …

EDF loves: justin's nut butters

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This summer I ran a challenging 92-mile relay race, called R2C, which spans the state of New Jersey, from the river to the sea. The race was hard …

peanut butter lovers, unite!

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During my brief stint as a vegetarian when I was a teen, I survived on peanut butter and never got tired of stick-to-your-mouth sandwiches, probably because of the …

going nuts over butters

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Peanut butter is quite naturally an American classic (barring allergies, of course). You can get oodles of variations, from sweetened super-smooth to organic all-natural chunky stuff to brown …