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Today's Recipe: Tomatillo Chicken

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Tomatillos may seem mystifying and exotic, but once you remove their husks, these green gems have endless potential. Here is an easy recipe that uses tomatillo puree as …

today's recipe: mexican charred-corn dog

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Give your hot dogs a Mexican twist with this corn topping! Click here for recipe…

today's recipe: mexican-style lasagna

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This unexpected twist on the traditional Italian meal is rich and savory with just the right amount of spice. Make it tonight, or impress guests next time you …

a cinco de mayo celebration

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Grab your sombrero, poncho, and Mexican flag; it’s Cinco de Mayo. And what better way to celebrate than with some easy-to-make delicious Mexican food and drinks? Follow the …

stuffed peppers

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I had several red bell peppers to use up and did a quick look back through my Everyday Foods to find a stuffed-pepper recipe. I found a stuffed-poblano …