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Weighty Topics: Lighter Comfort Food

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As the temperatures start to drop, vinaigrette-drizzled salads and gazpacho just don't cut it. And once the comfort food cravings begin, it's like trying to turn an 18 …

lentil soup again?!

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Making large batches of soups, stews, or beans is a great way to stretch a dollar and have food on hand when you are short on time. The …

today's recipe: pork tenderloin with sauteed apples and leeks

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Pork tenderloin is a surprisingly lean cut of meat; this entire meal is less than 400 calories. Prep Time: 25 minutes Total Time: 25 minutes Click here for …

today's recipe: Chicken and Lentil Burger

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Although they have a humble reputation, lentils are packed with protein and fiber. Serve them in burger form and they'll go fast. Click here for the recipe…