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Holiday Gift: 101 Things I learned in culinary school

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This compact, stocking stuffer-sized gem is jam-packed with tons of great information. Relevant tips, little-known facts, and handy guides abound inside a book that will surely be a …

edible gift: Murray's cheese

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I love to send friends and family a cheese box from Murray’s Cheese right before the holidays. Murray's is the oldest cheese shop in New York and I …

Holiday Gift: Éclat Chocolate Bars

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Éclat Chocolate has introduced a variety of bars with unique and fun ingredients blended into varying percentages of their delicious chocolate. My favorites are: Pennsylvania Dutch Pretzels, with …

Holiday Gift: Cream-Nut and Sweet Ella's Peanut Butter

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Family run, the Koeze's company has been making their peanut butter from Virginia peanuts on vintage machinery for more than eighty years. This exceptional quality peanut butter comes …

Holiday Gift: Organic Chocolate Hazelnut Spread

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I love this organic spread from Rigoni di Asiago. It is made without hydrogenated fats, unlike other similar products available, which means you can bake with it without …

nantucket bake shop cookies

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These addictive almond macaroon cookies showed up on our doorstep not too long ago. They were crisp on the outside, moist on the inside, and delightfully sweet and …