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too much of a good thing: cherry tomatoes

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My cherry tomato plants are still going strong — can you believe it? I found that cherry tomato plants work best in a container garden, so I planted …

WTF: What's That Food? Purslane

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What's that food? It's Purslane! If all you see here is a mucilaginous edible weed (what, that doesn't sounds awesome to you?), you're missing out on a whole lot!…

Garden-fresh tomatoes

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I love to head home to Kansas in summer so I can sample my parents' garden-fresh produce, most importantly, their tomatoes. No matter where I buy my tomatoes—at …

herb plants in the kitchen

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I bought herb plants (basil, thyme, oregano, sage and mint) for our kitchen a few months back at the farmer's market and they have been serving us well. …