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Lighter Chicken Enchiladas

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Let's talk about comfort food. With the arrival of shorter days and cooler temperatures, we're craving meals that are warm and satisfying. Today's recipe fits that description perfectly; …

freeze it: soffrito

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A soffrito is a flavorful mix of aromatic vegetables, usually onion, carrot, celery and/or green bell pepper cooked gently in olive oil, and is the base for many …

cooking from the csa: it's peachy! try it!

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Our vegetables from the CSA have definitely moved out of the leafy-greens stage and into tomatoes, with their complimentary corn, basil, and—new this week—garlic. One cucumber, a couple …

cold facts about your freezer

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When our food editor, Heather, was working on the "Cook from Your Freezer" feature for our March 2010 issue, I loved how she managed to turn the idea …