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Today's Recipe: Pasta with Escarole and Shrimp

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Yogurt and feta create a bright, tangy sauce for this Greek-inspired dish. Get the full recipe…

How to Winterize Your Salad

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In the summer we want our salads to be fresh, crunchy, and brimming with seasonal produce. But in the winter, all that inspiring produce is scarce, not to …

Today's Recipe: Bacon and Escarole Pizza

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Escarole, a pleasantly bitter green, is the perfect complement to creamy cheese and savory bacon. In this video, Sarah piles it all on a pizza! Get the full …

Today's Recipe: Salmon with Escarole and Lemon

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This week we'll be posting daily dinner ideas that prove cooking with less fat can still be delicious. Today we're tackling steaming, a classic (if much-maligned) way to …