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Desserts with Herbs

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Cooking with herbs isn't just about the savory—I love using them to add depth and an easy sophistication to both desserts and drinks. Here are five easy recipes …

Today's Recipe: Simple Potato Gnocchi

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Pasta making isn't necessarily renown for being a quick or easy activity, but this simple potato gnocchi is an exception with under an hour of prep time and …

today's recipe: broccoli pasta with parmesan croutons

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Stuck in a broccoli rut? Try adding some crunchy, cheesy crouton to garlicky broccoli and shells for a dinner kid-friendly dinner. Click here for the recipe…

today's recipe: marinated chicken kebabs and corn salad

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Kids will love these juicy skewers and summery salad just as much as grown ups. Here's the bonus: You can marinate the chicken up to a day in …

today's recipe: pork medallions with blackberry chutney

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This fruity chutney will give your pork a fresh and summery twist. Try making this quick and flavorful blackberry and chutney and pork today! Click here for recipe…