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13 Make-Ahead Valentine's Day Sweets

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Want to really enjoy a holiday? Get all the work out of the way before the big day! It's a strategy we use on Thanksgiving and Christmas, so …

Best of 2012: Chocolate Cupcakes with Easy White Icing

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Every day this week we'll be posting one of our favorite daily recipes of the year. We hope you'll rediscover old standbys, or maybe even unearth a new …

Discount: Martha Stewart calendars

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New year, new calendar: The 2012 Martha Stewart wall calendars are flying off the shelves this week. There are crafting, cooking, and gardening calendars, though we are partial …

carrot cupcakes

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For Easter, I tried the carrot cupcake recipe in Martha Stewart's Baking Handbook. The recipe was very simple—the most tedious part was finely grating a pound of carrots, …

cupcakes for all!

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Yesterday The Martha Show celebrated their 1000th episode (amazing) and for a special treat, set up this glorious cupcake buffet for all employees! You should have seen the …

Illustrious Cupcakes

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A couple weeks ago my friend Elissa turned 30 and she celebrated the only adult way possible–bowling and cupcakes. These cupcakes were no ordinary confections, however. They were …