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Good For You: Healthy Comfort Food (Seriously!)

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Who says healthy foods can't be comfort foods? Well, a lot of people actually (including a few members of the EDF team!). But here's the thing: one of …

Comfort Food for Tax Day

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It's Tax Day, which means you have until midnight to get all that paperwork in. If you're facing a late night or just sad to see a chunk …

Today's Recipe: Sarah's Chicken Pot Pie

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Sometimes there's nothing more comforting than a chicken pot pie, and when you make it in individual portions, it's like a hug in a ramekin. In this recipe, …

today's recipe: Stovetop Mac and Cheese

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This simple, creamy, and oh-so-cheesy dish is guaranteed to hit the spot on a chilly winter night. Prep Time: 45 minutes Total Time: 55 minutes Click here for the recipe…

chili recipes

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?In some ways, chili is the ultimate cold-weather fare: It is steaming hot and satisfying, with a mouthwatering balance of spicy and sweet flavors. A good chili can …

Cheese Fingers

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On Monday we tweeted about a quick dinner of Cheese Fingers and Tomato Soup and were surprised by how many people wanted the "recipe" (if you can call …