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Today's Recipe: Coconut-Lime Chicken with Thai Garnishes

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An easy-yet-exotic Thai marinade infuses this chicken with great coconut flavor. Everyday Food editor Sarah Carey shows you how to make and serve it. Get the full recipe. …

Today's Recipe: Simple Vegetable Curry

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You might think curry is a dish best left to the experts, but with this easy recipe, you'll master this vibrant flavor in no time. For an extra …

cooking from the csa: it's peachy! try it!

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Our vegetables from the CSA have definitely moved out of the leafy-greens stage and into tomatoes, with their complimentary corn, basil, and—new this week—garlic. One cucumber, a couple …

heat-wave abundance

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Before our CSA pickup last Saturday, the farm (Garden of Eve) let us know that after six weeks of non-stop sunshine, heat and drought (and hauling hose pipes …