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Cocktail o'Clock: The Watt's Up

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I always love combining a friend's favorite flavors to make them a "signature drink" and this cocktail is a blend of our Senior Editor's picks.  Merritt wanted something …

Too Much of a Good Thing: Chile Peppers

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My garden is packed with hot chile peppers, as well as sweeter Italian peppers. I can't make enough salsa to use up the jalapeños, so I looked for …

today's recipe: Chile-Garlic Chicken Legs

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Our take on sweet-sour Filipino chicken adobo is a quick and tasty option for family night that makes the most of pantry ingredients. Prep: 20 minutes Total: 45 …

today's recipe: chili-rubbed skirt steak

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Prep: 10 minutes Total: 30 minutes Get the recipe…