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How to Tell if Your Baking Powder is Still Good

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Less-than-fresh baking powder can be the difference between the Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookies and hockey pucks. Baking powder is a leavener—it produces carbon dioxide bubbles that help dough …

Kitchen Cam: How to Chop Dried Fruit

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It's that time of year again: Fruitcake season! Recently we've been into the idea of trying something that's a bit different from the old-fashioned fruitcake, but still has …

Kitchen Cam: A Tip for Using Parchment

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We swear by parchment paper in the test kitchen. Lined sheet pans stay clean, cookies release effortlessly, and rolling sticky dough between two pieces makes the task completely …

Kitchen Cam: How to Peel Hazelnuts

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Removing the papery skins from toasted nuts ranks high on our "fussy kitchen tasks to avoid" list (right below peeling grapes). Luckily, when it comes to hazelnuts, there's …

kitchen cam: how to make brown sugar

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We confess: Despite our best efforts to thoroughly read through a recipe and cross-reference our cabinets before we start cooking, sometimes we're knee-deep when we discover we're missing …

kitchen cam: how to soften butter for baking

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Beating butter with sugar is a key step in so many baking recipes. This process, called creaming, creates air pockets in the butter that give you tender cookies …