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Mad Hungry Cravings

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You may know that all week, the theme of my daily videos has been “eat out at home.” Something you might not know (but definitely should), is that …

My Favorite Way to Use Leftover Turkey

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So, the Thanksgiving dust has settled, and we're all just now getting hungry again, right? Time to use up those leftovers! I like all the usual uses for …

Non-Cranberry Sauce Recipes for Thanksgiving

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Are you looking for a way to break the proverbial cranberry mold this holiday season? Why not go completely off the reservation by NOT serving one? I have …

Putting My Chicken Pot Pie To The Test!

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A few weeks ago we did a video on how to make my Chicken Pot Pie. The recipe comes with a funny story about my kids (check out the …

See Sarah Cook! New Video Recipes, Served Daily

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Hi! Sarah Carey here. I’m the editor in chief of Everyday Food, and when I’m not brainstorming ideas for the magazine, I’m thinking about what I’m going to …