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Pork Medallions with Apple-Walnut Slaw

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Here's something you probably already know: the EDF test kitchen loves chicken! But even though we're fans of fowl, occasionally we're looking for something a little bit different (but just …

Salmon with Fennel, Bell Pepper, and Olives

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We know you don't have countless hours to make dinner — neither do we! When we're short on time but still have to feed the people we love, …

Tortellini with Lemon and Brussels Sprouts

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  Here's something you've heard us say before: We absolutely love Brussels sprouts. So it should come as no surprise that we're adding them to many dishes all …

Chicken with Cauliflower and Parsley

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Hello, holiday season! Right now, you're probably looking for a few simple — and simply delicious — meals that will keep you well-fed through these next few festive …

Apricot-Pistachio Biscotti

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One of our favorite parts of the holiday season: baking cookies, of course! And as much as we love eating them, there's really nothing better than being able …

Sweet Potato Soup with Sausage and Greens

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Soup season is officially here, and as the temperatures drop, we're always seeking out new recipes that will not only warm us up but fill us up too. …

Steamed Salmon with White Beans

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Sometimes, the best dinners are also the easiest to prepare. Not only does today's recipe fall right into that category, but it's also incredibly good for you! It's …

Look What Popped Up! Sarah Carey on Pop Sugar Live

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Want to start you holiday baking project right now? Then follow Sarah Carey's lead and make some delicious — and super simple — apricot-pistachio biscotti (they're right out …