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super bowl queso!

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I like football, but I love queso. Being a Texan, I take my queso very seriously. It must be simple—just a block of Velveeta, a can of chopped …


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My weekday mornings are usually the same-old, same-old. Come into work, make myself a bowl of my favorite high-fiber rabbit pellet cereal and then start my day. On …

cajun black-eyed pea cassoulet

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It's always been a tradition in my house to eat black-eyed peas on New Year's day. This year, I wanted to shake things up from the normal Hoppin' …

easy chicken liver pate

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When the weather gets cold I love to whip up a batch of chicken liver pate that I lovingly call liver butter. It is so simple to make …

Simple Flavored Coffee

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Looking for a quick tip to turn your favorite breakfast blend or French roast into something special? Just add a cinnamon stick or a pinch of smashed cardamom …

Condiments Galore

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This past weekend, while I was cleaning out my fridge at home, I realized that I have a serious obsession with condiments. I must have 5 different varieties …

decadent glazed chocolate layer cake

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When developing the layer cake for the holiday dinner in our new December issue, we tried several variations. We tinkered with the number of layers, the dimensions and …

Turkeys in July

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While people all over the country were firing up their grills and reaping the benefits of our most bountiful growing season, I was deep in thought about turkey, …