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Weighty Topics: Kitchen Sink Smoothie

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So, I'm trying not to eat any gluten unless I have to for work. The other day, I walked into the kitchen after a particularly windy bike commute. …

too much of a good thing: peaches

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Peaches are everywhere right now. Not only are they flooding the local markets, but the people at Frog Hollow in California have been so gracious as to send …

happy birthday, Julia!

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Today marks Julia Child's birthday. To commemorate the occasion, we'd like to run down a few classic French cooking techniques (one of which is also an iconic dish) …

weighty topics: eat more fruit

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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, we know, but that's especially true for me. I work out a lot. I mean A LOT. If I'm …

too much of a good thing: tomato edition

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Did you plant tomatoes in the spring? Have you been eating tomato salad every night with dinner? Do you still have an insane amount of delicious tomatoes on …

make your own cold brew and skip the line

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Cold brew is really popular these days, and boy it sure can be expensive when you buy it by the cup from your local barista. Here at the …

weighty topics: microplanes are great for portion control

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One of the things that can be a drag about dieting is portion control. Enter the Microplane. ¬†As you can see above, I have a 1-ounce chunk of …

weighty topics: my new under-300 calorie breakfast

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We are in the middle of shooting our December issue, and everything looks beautiful and delicious. The food team sees every holiday twice each year, first when creating …