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too much of a good thing: cherry tomatoes

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My cherry tomato plants are still going strong — can you believe it? I found that cherry tomato plants work best in a container garden, so I planted …

Too Much of a Good Thing: Chile Peppers

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My garden is packed with hot chile peppers, as well as sweeter Italian peppers. I can't make enough salsa to use up the jalapeños, so I looked for …

WTF: What's That Food? It's Rosehips!

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I discovered these radish-looking beauties during a weekend in Maine…

Cocktail O'Clock: Aperol Spritz

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A friend introduced me to Aperol several years ago — she and her husband drank a lot of it on their honeymoon to Italy. While similar in color …

homemade egg rolls with duck sauce

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My favorite cooking buddy was back in town recently and we decided to give some Chinese dishes a try. We had the most fun making and rolling these …

easy picnic dessert: lemon curd

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I needed a lemon dessert that was easy to transport for a birthday picnic. Our lemon curd recipe worked perfectly—I carried it in a cold bag with ice …

carrot cupcakes

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For Easter, I tried the carrot cupcake recipe in Martha Stewart's Baking Handbook. The recipe was very simple—the most tedious part was finely grating a pound of carrots, …

Easter ham

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Lucinda's marmalade-glazed ham was the centerpiece to my Easter dinner this past weekend. It was very simple to make and the second cooking temperature worked perfectly with the …