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Everyday Food Has a New Windows 8 App!

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If you have a new Windows 8 tablet or desktop, you're in luck. You can download our free Everyday Food app, designed to help you get dinner on …

WTF: What's that Food? Cardoons!

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What looks like some kind of prehistoric celery and is related to the artichoke? Cardoons! Read more about them after the jump…

Weighty Topics: Another Unexpected Tool That's Great for Portion Control

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The best diets are not diets at all, in my humble opinion, but just plain ol' reasonable eating. You make sure you're dining mostly on nutritious stuff, with …

Today's Recipe: Summer Beef-and-Rice Casserole

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Enjoy the last official day of summer with this rustic squash-topped beef-and-rice casserole that cooks right in a cast-iron skillet. This delicious variation on a classic hot dish …

WTF? What's That Food? It's Okra! (and how to cook it so it's slime-free)

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What is this food? It's okra!…

A visit to Buffalo Trace distillery & fun bourbon facts

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I recently had the good fortune to attend a rehearsal dinner at Buffalo Trace distillery in Franklin, Kentucky. My dearest friend and her now-husband are rabid whiskey (and …

EDF Cooks: What We're Making for the Fourth

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It may not surprise you to learn, but we take our holidays seriously here at Everyday Food. We love any opportunity to cook and celebrate with friends. Here's …

Beyond the Farmers' Market: Finding Local Produce

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We're always advising you to buy your produce in season, it's the easiest way to ensure that you get the highest-quality fruit and vegetables that are as tasty …