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Team EDF Gets Healthy: Our Surprising Tips for Lightening Up When We Bite Off More Than We Should Chew

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Here's some unsurprising news: at EDF we eat a lot. It's a both a job perk and an occupational hazard — and we couldn't be any happier to …

Burgers or Bust: 5 Flavors Combos You Must Try

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  Brace yourself—burger season is upon us. But before you pull out that charcoal, take a minute to consider the array of options. Don't get us wrong, we …

4 Foods You Think You Hate (But Actually Love!)

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Everyone has that one food they just can’t stand. We understand. On the other hand, many people have given up on foods they haven’t given a fair chance. …

Need a Pick-Me-Up? Try These Can't-Put-Down Snacks

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Are you a flavor craver? Taste today's Caramel Corn with Peanuts— it beats the packaged kind hands-down. For more stellar snacks, check out our other favorite homemade treats. …

5 Kid-Friendly Recipes

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Cooking with kids always sounds like fun– until the kitchen is dusted with flour, and pots and pans line your floors. Luckily, we've got some recipes even kids …

Secret Weapon: Immersion Blender!

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Here in the test kitchen, there's one gadget we use almost everyday– the immersion blender! This inexpensive tool saves time and cuts back on extra dishes. While it's great …

6 Steps to Building a Better Taco Bar

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If your taco nights consist of ground beef and a seasoning packet—we’re here to help. Let this year’s Cinco de Mayo be your inspiration for mastering the art …

5 High-Impact Ingredients

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When you're low on time and groceries, don't fret — you can still whip up an incredibly tasty meal without a trip to the grocery store! The trick …