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for the love of Marmite, a classic British treat

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I had the good fortune to visit England between the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Day and the Olympics. I celebrated both by visiting a local grocery store in search …

cooking from the csa: new world potatoes and tomatoes

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September is the best of summer and fall all at once. This week our CSA provided us with bell peppers, potatoes, celery and yellow beans (both new this …

cooking from the csa: it's peachy! try it!

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Our vegetables from the CSA have definitely moved out of the leafy-greens stage and into tomatoes, with their complimentary corn, basil, and—new this week—garlic. One cucumber, a couple …

cooking from the csa: my favorite salsa

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Hurrah! Tomato season is here! I worked my one very minimal shift at the csa last week. It's a small part of the "Community" portion of "Community Supported …

cooking from the csa: cantaloupe cooler

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You can tell it's midsummer by this week's bounty. Returning from previous weeks: potatoes (though a different variety), corn, cucumbers, squash (yellow and zucchini), cabbage (though this week …

cooking from the csa: spiced zucchini with pecans

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This week my family picked up our CSA produce while I was away, and some of it was consumed before I could get out my camera. But believe …

cooking from the CSA: cucumber soup

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The real stars at our CSA this week are corn and peaches–though cucumbers are still making a strong showing. We also got our first carrots of the year, plus …

cooking from the CSA: crunchy beet and kohlrabi salads

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More CSA bounty! This week: Swiss chard, kohlrabi, cabbage, cukes, zukes (including lovely yellow ones), beets, lettuce, basil, dill, corn, cherries, blueberries, and peaches. But I feel I'm …