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today's recipe: farfalle with smoked salmon and cream cheese

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The mild cream cheese perfectly balances the salty, intense flavors of the capers and salmon. Prep: 10 minutes Total: 20 minutes Get the recipe…

today's recipe: beef and orange stir fry

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When cutting the beef into strips, slice against the grain (across the striated fibers); the result will be meat that is much more tender. Prep: 25 minutes Total: …

today's recipe: tortilla soup with black beans

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Beans, a good-quality pantry staple, make this meal healthy, delicious, and affordable. Prep: 15 minutes Total: 15 minutes Get the recipe…

One-Pot Dinner

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As the mother of two young boys (6 years and 4 months), and the wife of a man who truly loathes doing the dishes, cooking dinner in one …

watch: stir-fry recipes on the martha show

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If you did not have a chance to tune into the Martha Stewart Show last week, you may have missed Lucinda Scala Quinn demonstrating two quick and easy …

thanks for cooking!

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Once in a while, we spot a mention of Everyday Food from out there in the digital ether that really captures our attention, and we especially love hearing …

video: martha prepares new recipes from everyday food

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This morning, Martha was live on the Today show demonstrating some of the new recipes from the Jan/Feb issue of Everday Food. Click here to see her bring …

Christmas eve fish feast

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Throughout Italy, Christmas Eve is celebrated with a 7-course fish feast, known as "La Vigilia." There are many schools of thought on why there are seven courses. Some …