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sweet matzo dessert

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If you're looking for a dessert for Passover, here you go: a delicious, easy, chocolate-y, crunchy matzo toffee…

making matzo . . . okay, fine, flat breads

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With Passover around the corner, I thought it might be fun to try to make matzo. And it was, especially with some help from a pint-sized helper. Matzo …

The Tastemakers Spotlight: Salvatore Bklyn

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Last week, Martha Stewart Living magazine threw a party to celebrate the Tastemakers from their April 2010 issue. There were several amazing food produceers there, and one of …

easy 100% fruit snacks

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I know a lot of mothers who refuse to take their kids to the grocery store, but my 6-year-old son has always been a cheerful co-pilot. Now that …

win our cookbook!

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If you an Everyday Food reader (I mean the actual magazine, in addition to the blog), you probably know our "From Your Kitchen" column. This is where we …

cold facts about your freezer

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When our food editor, Heather, was working on the "Cook from Your Freezer" feature for our March 2010 issue, I loved how she managed to turn the idea …

a winning week

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As in January, the gutsy author of Obsessed with Martha Stewart experimented with our March Grocery Bag feature and sat down to an incredibly successful week of dinners. …

poached eggs: yes you can!

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Our How-To on poached eggs from the March 2010 issue has gotten some great feedback, and we were thrilled to see this blog post from Martha Moments. Part …