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Today's Recipe: Drop Cookies With Endless Variations

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In this video, Sarah whips up a batch of Choclate-Pecan Drop Cookies. You should definitely give them a try – they're sweet and cakey and totally classic. But …

a healthy, no-bake chocolate treat

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The Chocolate-Cherry Clusters on page 108 of our Jan/Feb issue are a great dessert idea to have up your sleeve. Each one has just 108 calories and 7 …

salted toffee-chocolate squares

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I knew my father would love these bars, featured in our May issue (he is a big fan of chocolate and nuts), so we made them while I …

our favorite desserts

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October is National Dessert Month! I'm not sure who declares this sort of thing, but I skipped the fact-checking and went straight to the celebrating! We bake up …

delicious salted toffee-chocolate squares

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The challenge: I moved into a new apartment on a Tuesday and had volunteered to bring dessert to a dinner party that Friday. I could barely find a …

salted toffee squares save the day

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Hats off to Sarah's Cucina Bella for recognizing that the best antidote for a hectic day is a sweet treat prepared from scratch. The EDF team is happy …