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6 Sandwiches to Make this Month

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So you've made it through Mother's and Father's Day brunches, Memorial Day picnics, and Fourth of July barbecues. You've grilled, bakes, shucked, and shocked and, by now, you just want to enjoy food, simply.

You've picked a good time of year to feel a bit of cooking malaise (believe it or not, we feel it too). Because the end of summer, and those frightening back-to-school days, means that markets all over the country are filled with fresh, perfectly ripe produce that has your name written all over it. We say, pick up what you enjoy most, stack it on some bread, and bite in.

Still need inspiration? Here are 6 easily elegant, August-friendly sandwiches that you can make from ingredients found at your grocery store, farmers market or -- if you're really lucky -- right in your own pantry.

Thanks to Hidden Valley Sandwich Spreads for bringing us this post. Find all four delicious flavors in the mayo aisle.



Mediterranean Tuna Melt: Tomato slices and oil-packed tuna add an elegant touch to this classic recipe. The recipe calls for a crunchy Italian loaf, but any thick-cut bread would work.


Open-Faced Egg Sandwiches with Celery-and-Radish Salad: Use those leftovers! Pre-made pesto and your breakfast's hard-cooked eggs are mixed with prosciutto and parmesan to create a delightful meal. If planning to serve this picnic-side, pack ingredients individually and assemble on-site.


Goat Cheese and Vegetable Sandwich: Vegetarians will sing your praises when presented with this stunning (and surprisingly filling) winner. For even more nuance, look for herbed goat cheese or mix in a chopped tablespoon of your favorite variety.


Chicken, Avocado, and Bacon Sandwich: From BLT to BAC, this cafeteria favorite gets a serious upgrade. Plan to make these for lunch if you're roasting a chicken earlier in the week.


Ham-Salad Sandwich: Mix store bought mango chutney and cream cheese to create a sweet and savory combination that sings. A layer of sliced cucumbers adds unparalleled brightness and crunch to this quickie lunch. (Or lop off the crusts and cut into bite-sized snacks to create the perfect party hors d'ouevres.)


Prosciutto and Fig-Spread Sandwich: Layering sweet dried figs and salty cured meat creates a delicious no-brainer. This crowd-friendly meal is even better after having sat at room temperature for an hour or two.

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    They all look good! I've never eaten cucumbers on a sandwich but I'm willing to try it! Thanks for the ideas. Trish

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    They add some great crunch!

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