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Intern in the Kitchen: Potato and Zucchini Hash

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The finished dish, courtesy of the EDF test kitchen.


At EDF we pride ourselves on making fresh food fast. But how much time does it really take to get dinner on the table? One summer intern, Meg Lappe, feeds her family — and takes notes along the way! Check out her cooking journey in today's 'Intern in the Kitchen.'

Potato and Zucchini HashEveryday Food May 2010
As a summer intern in the Books Department, I often look at recipes all day. Sure it’s a job perk, but it also helps me decide what to make for dinner. Last night called for something I’ve loved since childhood- breakfast for dinner. While spending last semester in Seville, Spain and my host mom cooked delicious food for me every night -- with many an egg dish in the mix. The idea of cooking eggs for dinner -- something common in traditional Spanish homes -- took me back to those languid evenings spent abroad. I’d already purchased potatoes earlier in the week and I knew we had some ripe zucchinis laying in the vegetable crisper. This recipe seemed like a natural choice, except for the eggs over easy part. I had not used this technique in my culinary repertoire until this hash and, frankly, I was pretty nervous about the process. All I had done in the past was scrambled and fried, but over easy appealed to me with the yolk still slightly runny. Think I got it right on the first try? Find out in today's Intern in the Kitchen. 

8:00 P.M. Arrive home after working in the city.
8:02 P.M. Convince my father that this dinner will be delicious.
8:03 P.M. Get the skillet out and olive oil.
8:04 P.M. Rinse and cut up red potatoes (I do not have any russets). It was just my dad and me for dinner, so I also only cut up about 6 small red potatoes. I cut the potatoes up pretty small to try and speed up cooking.
8:06 P.M. Cut up about a ¼ of a red onion, as again I did not have any yellow onion. So here’s the thing, I almost never cook with onions because I don’t like chopping them, unless a food processor is involved. So tonight, I diced about a ¼ of a red on and called it a day.
8:08 P.M. Start heating the skillet with olive oil already spread in the pan. I’m sure I should’ve waited for the pan to get hot first before adding the oil, but I was in a hurry and thought this might speed up the process. My stovetop tends to run a little hot and therefore doesn’t always match up with the recipe temperature, so I am only heating the pan over medium heat.
8:09 P.M. Pour in the potatoes and onions and be careful not to get the hot oil on me. There is still some water in the potatoes since I rinsed them and therefore they splatter a little, which is tough since I am still in my work clothes, which happen to include no sleeves. I also add some salt and pepper, I would say about 1 teaspoon of each, maybe a little more. I need to figure out how to not have the oil splatter everywhere!
8:10 P.M. Let the potatoes cook over a lower heat, so the oil isn’t jumping out of the pan. While that cooks, I begin to cut up the zucchini. It is a small zucchini, but since the meal is only feeding two I figure it’ll be ok. I wash the zucchini and cut it into small slices. I figure the smaller I cut them, the faster they will cook.
8:11-8:23 P.M. Stir the potatoes and onions for the 15ish minutes they need to cook and watch as they turn golden brown. In between this time I am running upstairs to change and also trying to help my dad set the table.
8:24 P.M. I add in the zucchini since the potatoes have browned up nicely. I also reduce heat basically to medium low and stir for another 7-8minutes.
8:25 P.M. I learn how to make eggs sunny side up, while the zucchini is cooking; the trick is not breaking the yolk when you crack the egg and then having a big enough spatula to flip them! The two eggs take about 3-4 minutes each. I cook them in a smaller skillet right next to the hash skillet.
8:32 P.M. I divide up the hash and add an egg on top of it, add more salt and pepper and sit down to eat with my father. The food does look small since it is all we are eating, but I am full after I have finished my meal and I have already decided that I will eat the leftovers for breakfast.


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