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"I'm Going on a Picnic and I'm Bringing...": Our Editor's Favorite Outdoor Eats (and Drinks!)

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Sam is packin' pies. Specifically, these blueberry hand pies.

Remember that infuriating childhood game , "I'm going on a picnic..."? By process of elimination -- and usually sheer boredom-- you'd have to guess what strange snacks and accessories your friends might pack in their make believe baskets.

Today, we decided to play a rousing round of that game at the Everyday Food offices (what? It's summer!). But instead of driving our coworkers nuts with an endless stream of "is it ice cream cake?" type questions, we decided to share our favorite tips for packing a better picnic basket. Read on to find out what we bring when we bring our food outside.

"I stack my sandwiches super specifically when I'm not eating them immediately. I lay down my bread, stack meat on either side, and then place tomatoes or roasted vegetables in the center. It prevents sogginess and ensures that the bread will still have a good crunch." - Sarah Carey, Editor in Chief 

"A good mint-muddled drink packs well. I like to bring an Arnold Palmer and a few extra sprigs of fresh mint for garnishing. It's always cocktail o'clock somewhere, right?" - Jessie Damuck, Culinary Producer

"Two words: Hand. Pies." - Samantha Seneviratne, Senior Associate Food Editor

"I bring wine -- and extra napkins! There are never enough napkins at a picnic." - Frieda Hirsch, Test Kitchen Intern

"Sliced lemons and coarse salt -- they instantly brighten boring plates." - Mallory Stuchin, Senior Digital Editor

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