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The Kindest Cuts: 4 Steaks to Grill This Summer

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How many calories are in that ice cream? How much sodium is in the juice? Nutrition labels have answered many of our questions but not quite all, especially in the one section of the supermarket where we need it the most.

When you walk down the isle and press your hands onto the cold glass windows, you’re on your own. Fortunately, not any more! For the wallet and health conscious, we’ve compiled the best cuts of meat to stretch into a pleasing meal.

To achieve medium rare results (125 degrees before resting), grill meat quickly on high heat (you’ll see the times below!). Before slicing, make sure to let the cuts rest (typically for 10 minutes, although thicker cuts may need longer and vice versa for smaller pieces). Last but not least, pair the cuts with a spicy butter (check out today’s recipe for a spicy, savory sriracha butter) or salsa for added flavor! And remember, for 4 people, one pound of meat should do.

From the July 2013 issue, here is our guide to the perfect cuts.

Sirloin: Flavorful, well priced, and generally the most tender of these four. Cook a ½-to ¾ inch-thick steak 3 minutes per side.

Skirt: This long steak is thicker on one end; for easy handling and even cooking, cut it into several pieces before grilling. Cook a ¼-to ½-inch-thick steak 2 to 4 minutes per side.

Hanger: This less familiar cut has the boldest flavor of the bunch. Cook a 1-to 1½-inch-thick steak 6 to 7 minutes per side.

Flank: Aka London broil, this has a mild flavor. Cook a ¾-to 1-inch-thick steak 5 to 6 minutes per side.”

Oh by the way, have you downloaded the July issue? You can get it here!


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