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Good as Golden: 7 Other Ideas for Summer Corn

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Got the hot weather blues? Embrace them! This is the perfect time of year to celebrate bountiful summer produce. Check out 7 ways to cook with corn right now.

Mexican Grilled Corn: This grilled corn topped with cheese, chili, and lime is fiesta-ready! Better yet, it comes together in minutes, making it party perfect.
Southwestern Corn Chowder: You can probably find everything you need to make this simple southwestern soup right in your pantry. Mix in a couple of ingredients and in no time you will have a steaming bowl of awesome. Now, where is your spoon?
Shrimp and Corn Tacos: This taco served with salsa, cabbage, and sour cream is the perfect summer meal. Use the leftover filling for a salad and Viola! You’ve got a two-in-one creation.
Sauteed Corn, Bacon, and Scallions: An incredible side that uses just 3 ingredients? We've got it right here. Sauté corn with bacon and scallions to create a simple dish that will become your next everyday snack (p.s. salt and pepper don't count!).
Black Bean and Corn Stew: Time to change your go-to comfort food. This hearty vegetarian stew will satisfy even the hungriest carnivores.
Savory Corn Pudding: Top creamed corn with crumbled bacon and basil, and take a bite into a world of flavor.
Tomato-Corn Chicken Potpie: Cut into this potpie and watch a creamy corn and chicken filling ooze into the plate. We promise that you’ll never give the frozen varieties a look again.

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