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Inspired by Island Flavors: Party Recipes That Borrow from a Tropical Recipe

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Maybe it's something about the recipe title: Tropical Fruit Salad. Say it slowly and you can almost feel the island breeze in your hair, hear the steel drum music playing, and imagine the beads of water from your bright frozen drink dripping down your hand. When we tried the flavors in this incredibly simple but stunningly beautiful dish, we just didn't want to let them go.

Fortunately, we don't have to -- and you don't either! We're taking the ingredients we're craving in this dish -- pineapple, strawberries, coconut, fresh mint, and lime juice -- and finding them in other summery recipes. While these plates may not all conjure memories of beach vacations, they will definitely make wonderful additions to any warm weather event.

Check out our choices after the break.


Red Onion, Pork, and Pineapple with Sriracha-Pineapple Marinade: Disregard the stares you'll get while you lick your finger. These spicy and sweet skewers are stacked with glazed pork, onions, and pineapple -- perfect for a summer party. Bring on the napkins!
Coconut-Crusted Shrimp: Lightly toasted coconut is mixed with mustard in this super fast recipe that acts like a bite-sized vacation memento. This versatile mixture can be used for chicken or fish dishes.
Strawberry Ice Cream: Cooking with summer strawberries is like cheating -- every recipe is that good. This ice cream is packed with fresh chunks of our favorite fruit, which is about all we could ever ask for in a dessert!
Mint-Grapefruit Granita:This four-ingredient refresher will be a great hit for both adults and the kids! Packed with vitamins and even fat-free, take a sip into paradise.
Fish Tacos with Cabbage and Lime: A spritz of lime juice really brightens the flavors in this quick, weeknight meal that even kids love (just call them "tacos" and no one will be the wiser).

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