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Good For You: Healthy Comfort Food (Seriously!)

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Who says healthy foods can't be comfort foods? Well, a lot of people actually (including a few members of the EDF team!). But here's the thing: one of the reasons why we love some of our favorite comfort foods is because they're soul-warming and packed with nostalgic memories. And, sure, many of these dishes happen to be rich and gooey plates of cheesy heaven -- but some of them aren't. We're not saying that you should do away with your most cherished, gut-busting meals. We merely think that you might find that same cozy, food-blanketing feeling from a few plates that happen to have health benefits. And for the non-believers, we dare you to try the Lightened Rice Pudding and call it anything other than delectable.

Peanut-Butter Apple Muffin

Wasn't everything easier when Mom made breakfast? Now that you're doing the cooking, try this tasty muffin (it might make you miss being a kid).

Mini Spinach-and-Cheese Pizzas

Healthy pizza can be boring -- but it shouldn't be! In this recipe, broiled whole-wheat pitas serve as a crispy crust, while part-skim ricotta adds the necessary creaminess. If you happen to have some extra vegetables laying around, toss 'em on top.

Lightened Rice Pudding

Oh, pudding. Love the skin, hate the skin -- either way, we'd never say no to a bowl (or snack pack) of it. This Lightened Rice Pudding tastes decadent but is actually pretty healthy. A bonus: we're sure you won't notice that we've replaced whole milk with skim.

Polenta-Veggie Stacks

Have you ever really watched the yolk drip out from your poached egg? And allowed its yellow deliciousness to spill about and as you fitfully attempt to mop it up with a crusty hunk of bread before licking your fingers in delight? If the answer is yes, you know how magical (dare we say, incredible?) this protein-packed food can be.  For a truly winning meal, we've thrown in polenta, bacon, and veggies. We know, bacon is not exactly on the list of "good for you" foods -- but its smokiness really transforms this breakfast. Healthy crusaders needn't worry, the dish is just as strong sans pig.

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