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Cocktail O'Clock: Old Fashioned

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Cocktail O'Clock: Old Fashioned from EDF Editors on Vimeo.

There are dads and there are cool dads. And then, there's Don Draper.

Not to knock other fathers (we love you all equally, EDF Dads!), but it's tough to compete with the casual style of television's suavest parent. We're not saying he's a role model -- not by any means. But he is a man who knows his liquor and we'd trust his cocktail choice any day of the week.

Which brings us to today's Cocktail O'Clock recipe for a classic Old Fashioned. It's incredibly simple to do at home with a few high-quality ingredients (Mr. Draper would expect nothing less).

Old Fashioned:

Makes 1 drink

Add one sugar cube, 4 dashes bitters, and just enough water to soften the sugar. Stir until sugar has dissolved. Add 2 ounces bourbon, stir to combine. Add ice, and garnish with an orange twist to serve.

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