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Today's Recipe: Susan's Manicotti

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Good cooking must run in the family because this dish is actually from Sarah's mom, Susan. Sarah says, "It's what my mom makes for parties and potlucks. I've altered her recipe slightly, but I think it's still just as delicious."

Get the full recipe.

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    Uh, wait... tell us more about the commune?

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    My Mom made great pie dough and one of the things she told me was never over handle the dough, to treat it gently and use as little flour when rolling out. My family now thinks "I" make the best pies.

    I signed up for the newsletters about two months ago and my husband and I have been enjoying so many different meals by using your recipes. He has just recently been diagnosed as a pre-diabetic and we have changed a lot of eating habits.

    I live in Canada and my butcher laughs at me when I keep asking for skirt steak. He says it's because of shows like yours that it has been very hard to get and has become very pricey around here.

    Keep up the great cooking! Some days I swear I can smell it as you cook!


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    Interesting recipe from
    Sarah, and I enjoy her quick videos.
    I cringed a bit on this one. I would have par-cook the dry pasta or added water to that thick sauce before baking that off. As an Italian, I'm not crazy about baked pasta dishes, but I'm sure many people will enjoy this dish.

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    Sarah, Along with other viewers I absolutely love your videos. I have learned a lot and now trying new recipes I would never have tried if it wasn't for you. Keep up the Good Work.
    ps Making Manicotti for a dinner party Friday.

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    I so enjoy your daily recipe videos and when I saw your video on making manicotti, I was very encouraged to try it, and I did last evening. Everything was going well until I had to fill the pasta tubes... when I opened the box to get the shells out and ready, I discovered most of shells did not have an open round opening, but narrow slits for openings. Who'd a thought I'd run into to this glitch, so in the middle of everything I HAD to stop to boil water and cook, drain and wait for the pasta to cool (careful of the sticking), before I could begin filling. Or should I say try filling, what a mess, tried the baggie with slit as you showed, but squeezing the large bag with one hand, while trying to hold a pasta tube gently to fill with the other hand, was not easy. I'd say that more than half of the al dente cooked pasta tubes broke on the side, so I had to open the tube flat and fill and close (was easier than the few tubes that did not break open). Sooo glad I decided to make a trial run of the recipe before trying out for dinner guests - my dinner time would have been greatly delayed. I won't retry this recipe any time soon (a little gun shy), but because the end result was indeed SO TASTY (husband loved the sauce & was impressed that I made manicotti), I know I WILL make it again. What did I learn: (1) Make sure to check out the pasta tubes for totally round and open tubes, before buying; and (2) buy and use a real pasta bag, and not overfill it so much that my one hand can manage holding and squeezing it. I'll be certain to let you know how my second attempt goes.

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