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Sriracha Art For Your Home, plus more food news to digest

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Instead of bugs, we'll be sticking to cleverly-named food, like this Grasshopper Sundae.

Desperate for an afternoon pick-me-up? See what our editors are reading today from around the Web.

Bad news: The U.N wants us to all eat more bugs. Are you ready for that? [Washington Post]

The most important scientific research of our time just came out. Find out which potato chip tastes the best. [Serious Eats]

OMG. It's a Sundae on a Spoon!  Here's a diagram.  [Dinner: A Love Story]

Love Sriracha? Prove it by buying this poster. [Josh Lafayette via Super Precious Art Gallery]

What makes the best restaurant? It isn't fleeting trends. [Food Republic]

Don't feel left out if you can't drink. Try these five delicious beverages without a drop of alcohol. [Esquire]

Have a picky eater at home? These foods are guaranteed to please a toddler. [The Kitchn]

These Japanese vegetable pancakes are light, healthy, and perfect for your next dinner. [Smitten Kitchen]

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