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The Downside of Healthy Vending Machines, Plus More Food Headlines to Chew On

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Would these be better with a grill comb?

Need a little midday nosh? Try this for an afternoon snack: Here are the food links that our Editors are loving from around the web. 

News flash: Canned food isn't all bad. A study just found that canned peaches have just as many nutrients -- if not more -- than fresh peaches. Eat up! [NPR]

Struggling to get your kebabs to cook just right? The grill comb might just be the answer to your problems. [Redbook via NYTimes]

Richard Blais just took brunch up a notch with this potato chip omelette (wonder is he used any of his pantry staples to whip it up?). [Food Republic]

Healthy vending machines might be a bad thing for some people, specifically the blind. [NPR]

Are you serving drinks in the wrong glasses? A handy Guide to Glassware will teach you everything you need to know. [The Boys Club via The Kitchn]

The jig is up, coffee shop loiterers. A new cafe in Germany is now charging for time spent there (but you get unlimited coffee). [HuffPo]


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    Wow it looks so yummy!!! and, I can use this recipe as my afternoon breakfast. If I try at my home how much time it take because at this weekend I have surprised my family by making this.

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