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Danny Bowien Cooks to Support Oklahoma, It's (Really) Time to Move Your Cheese, Plus More Food Headlines to Chew On

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The future of food: Would you eat this pizza if it came from a 3D printer?

Need a little midday nosh? Try this for an afternoon snack: Here are the food links that our Editors are loving from around the web.

Famed and flame-haired Mission Chinese chef Danny Bowien will open a 2-day pop-up restaurant in Oklahoma City to support tornado relief efforts. Though he's made his name in SF and NY, Bowien hails from sooner state. [Grubstreet]

Even greens need to stay on-trend and apparently kale is so last season. Looks like collard greens are all the rage. [Details]

While we're at it, butterscotch is having a moment. Here's how to make the real thing. [NPR]

Would you eat a pizza that came out of a printer? Some think 3D-printed food could end world hunger. [Mashable]

Should you be storing cheese differently when the weather warms up? The team GoodFood says, yes you should! [GoodFood via Food52]

How do you cut a lemon in half? You surely have a way -- but there might be a better one! [Lifehacker]

An oldie but goodie: Our own Jessie Damuck offers up a solid kir royale recipe -- a perfect sip for celebrations (yes, we do mean this holiday weekend). [EDF]

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