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Afternoon Snack: A Fast Food Purse and Waffle Tacos

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We'll stick with these Lighter Beef Tacos.

Need a little midday nosh? Chew on the food links that our Editors are loving from around the web.

Move over, Marc Jacobs! In the future, your favorite purse might double as a fast food carrier. [First We Feast]

Who are you calling dull? Your knives want an answer to this question (Hint: it might be your fault!). [The Kitchn]

What happens when Iron Man meets a cooking movie? Robert Downy Jr. is going to star as a chef in a movie of the same name -- we hope it's called Iron Chef! [Eater]

In case you're still craving breakfast this morning, Taco Bell is now serving a folded waffle taco with sausage and scrambled eggs! [Brand Eating via LA Weekly]

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