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A Green Smoothie That's Kid-Friendly (Really!), A Paula Deen Museum, Plus More Food Headlines to Chew On

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ThisĀ Herbed Goat Cheese that's almost too pretty to eat (even though it's not carved)!

Need a little midday nosh? Try this for an afternoon snack: Here are the food links that our Editors are loving from around the web.

Looks like there's going to be a museum dedicated to Paula Deen. We're confused. [Eater]

But, we're also really excited to learn that a woman in Wisconsin is a professional, full-time cheese carver. Her specialty? Cheddar roller coasters. [Food Republic]

Down on dairy? Make this totally kid-friendly green smoothie. If you're shocked, you've never pureed frozen bananas before (don't worry, we hadn't thought of adding them in either!). [YummyPackedLunches via TheKtchn]

Memorial Day is all about meat. But if you're looking for a healthy (and surprisingly chic!) post-BBQ dessert, consider this all-red fruit salad. It's a bit of monochromatic genius! [101 Cookbooks]

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