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Your Winner: Chocolate Chip

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There was a point on Saturday—halfway through the vote—when lemons bars were one vote ahead. We held out a glimmer of hope for those tangy and creamy cookies, but, as it turns out, old favorites never go stale. We had a growing suspicion that chocolate chip would come out on top; they crushed the competition in practically every vote.

See all the different versions of this cookie that you can make.

Chocolate chip cookies can take many forms: Try our giant cookies if a small dessert won't cut it or whip up a batch of these soft-baked cookies to get that fresh-out-of-the-oven feeling.

Or try creating endless variations by using mix-ins like oats, coconut, and dried cherries.

Even better: Now that warmer weather is approaching, mini chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches would be a satisfying weekend treat.

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