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Today's Recipe: Roasted Tabbouleh

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This dish is packed with parsley and makes plenty of leftovers to enjoy the next day.

Get the full recipe.

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    Sarah: How can I find the nutritional information for your recipes? Once I see your e-mail message, if I go back to search for the recipe later at marthastewart.com the nutritional information has disappeared.


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    Please give more information in the videos about herb preparation. It takes Sarah only 5 or 6 minutes to prep this recipe, but it took me almost an hour to hand pick the leaves off of my two bunches of parsley. There must be an easier way!!!!
    My resulting salad was worth my efforts. It was delicious.
    I do give some caution to those making this to watch the oven roasting bulgar closely - mine was very brown after 15 minutes, any longer and it might have been black!
    Thanks for the healthy, delicious recipes!!!

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