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Today's Recipe: Chicken Piccata

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We have your piccata perfected. Pour this rich white-wine sauce over veal or chicken for an authentic Italian dinner at home. Add pasta for an even heartier meal.

Get the full recipe.

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    Thank you Sarah . I always enjoy your videos. I learn something new everytime I watch!

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    Curious to know what pan Sarah is using - size and make? After watching her make the DELICIOUS chicken with swiss chard, I ran and bought the fabulous orange enamel cast iron stock pot she used (love it!). This particular pan looks like such a breeze to use. Would love to know - is it All Clad? 12 or 14 inches? I'm guessing 14 to fit all of those cutlets. Please advise! Thank you!

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    yea, I am cooking again. I love you Sarah. I use your recipes weekly.

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